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Apostle Paul's Life Changing Prayers

God's desire for us is to draw closer to Him through prayer.  He calls us to pray, to be more like His son and draw strength from Him.  Through scripture in 2 Thessalonians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Romans we learn more about the Apostle Paul and his life changing prayers.

Youth Sunday Sermons

Our youth occasionally serve our congregation by leading the Contemporary service.  Pastor Matt preaches on a variety of topics that are current and relatable for all of us.

Unshakable Hope

A sermon series on building our lives on the promises of God.

Mastering The Art of Communication

"Effective communication involves more than just speaking and hearing.  Real communication only takes place when both parties move beyond speaking and hearing to understanding".  This short series will explore how God communicates with us,  communicating with our spouses and then communicating with others.

Who's Knocking at the Door?

A sermon on the response to common temptations that lure us all.  In this series, we will talk about resisting feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, doubt, fear, anxiety, worry, shame, guilt and condemnation.

The Will of God

How do we discern God's Will for us?   God has gone through great lengths through the course of history to make Himself known.  Learn how to better discern His will for you through this message series.

The Gift of Prayer

Communicating with God is important.  God invites us to pray to Him, to lean into Him and to Him the opportunity to lead and teach us.  Learn more about prayer through this series.