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Occasionally there may be a sermon not posted.  This is intentional to protect the safety of others and is typically a Sunday that our Children and/or Youth are performing or perhaps  a missionary is visiting and preaching.

The Gift of Prayer

Communicating with God is important.  God invites us to pray to Him, to lean into Him and to Him the opportunity to lead and teach us.  Learn more about prayer through this series.

The Songs of Christmas Series

Preparing our hearts for Christmas this year, this series highlights 4 hymns/songs that present the Christmas story.

Kings of Judah Series

Of the 18 Kings of Judah, there were only a few deemed as righteous in God's sight. Explore these righteous kings through this 6 week sermon series and learn how we can strengthen our walk with God.

What's Love Got To Do With It?

A 4 part sermon series exploring God's love for humanity, the greatest command, obedience and more.  Through this series you will explore God's love for us and how we can show our love to Him.